Library Staff

Meet Donnica Keeling!


Donnica Keeling might be a familiar face at the Sheffield Library! Donnica's favorite kinds of books are Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Classical Poetry, and horror! You can find Donnica creating fun programs and running the older kids Book Club! Stop by on Mondays after the kids are out of school and you might find her in the children's section reading or in the back room helping the kids make some fun crafts! 


Meet Chris Villeneuve!


Chris Villenueuve is the newest Library at the Sheffield Public Library! She is the mother of one adult daughter and three small dogs. She enjoys the outdoors and especially the sun. She also enjoys traveling and seeing new things! "Working at the library gives me a variety of responsibilities and the workday goes quickly." Her household has a total of five dogs and one cat, so it is seldom boring! Look for Chris at the desk as well as helping out with story times on Monday and other programs throughout the year! 

Meet Hadassah Collins!