I. To provide people in the Sheffield area materials to pursue their own education and entertainment.
      A.  Purchase a minimum of two books a month for the visually impaired.
      B.  Spend at least 5% of Audio-Visual Budget on Audio books.
      C.  Implement goals and objectives listed in the Technology Plan.

II.  The staff will strive to make the Library a pleasant and comfortable environment, providing materials in all formats to stimulate the minds of all patrons and encouraging reading for fun and education.
III.  See that the community is well-informed about library services.
      A.  Publish articles in local newspaper to inform the community about library service.
      B.  Publish new arrivals in local newspaper monthly.
      C.  Utilize the website to keep the community informed.

IV.  While seeking increases, maintain at least present levels of circulation activity and funding.
      A.  Seek to maintain and increase circulation growth annually.
      B.  Seek a minimum cost of living in revenue from public funds annually.
V.  Maintain a Certified Library Director and Assistant Director.
Provide funds annually for Director and Assistant Director to meet requirements for continuing education, including payment of fees, food/lodging, mileage and salary while attending and traveling.
VI.  Recruit, train and retain the most competent personnel available.

 Annually review cost-of-living increases and consider merit increases.

VII.  Continue the pattern of meeting the needs of patrons.

        A.  Maintain collections in accord with State established recommendations (remove 3%, add 5%).
        B.  Develop summer reading programs for children.
        C.  Seek ideas from the community.

VIII.   Promote the Library Foundation.
Enlist community members to assist Foundation with fundraising projects.

IX.     Maintain facilities.

Bring to the Board’s attention any repairs or needs that may arise.
This document, prepared by the Library Board, is the plan of what is going to happen at the library over the next few years. It shows what we set as priorities to meet the needs of our community.

If your library has a long range plan, enter it here, or upload a file and create a link here.

This document projects up to 5 years into the future and outlines the library's goals and objectives for maintaining and developing collections and services to meet the communities needs. Development of such a plan usually involves the staff, the trustees, and the general public. The plan responds to identified community needs.

Technology Plan

Technology Plan for Sheffield Public Library
 January 2008
I. Mission Statement
 The mission of the Sheffield Public Library is to promote growth and development in the area of literacy by providing the community with access to cultural, educational, and informational resources to facilitate lifelong learning.
II. Goals
       A. To provide free public access to the electronic information resources on the Internet.
       B. To promote the mission of the library through the strategic use of information technology.
       C. To educate the community on the use of information technology.
III. Objectives
        A. By June 2008
                1. Maintain and update current website.
                2. Add wireless internet access for patrons using their own computers.
                3. Develop an educational plan for patron computer classes.
                4. Continue the use of the online digital library through the NEIBORS project.

       B. By June 2009
                1. Place card catalog online via website and provide funding through grants
                2. Replace content server
                3. Maintain and update current website.

       C. By June 2010
                 1. Upgrade two patron use computers.
                 2. Maintain and update current website.
                 3. Update any necessary software.

        D. By June 2011
                  1. Maintain and update web site.
                  2. Upgrade two patron use computers.
                  3. Update any necessary software.

         E. By June 2012
                  1. Replace four patron use laptop computers.
                  2. Upgrade any necessary computers and software.
VI. Assessment of current status
 Library has a computer used for circulation, one computer for cataloging, and one used by the Director.   Library has a content server and two computers for patron use received from the Gates Foundation in 2003.  The library also has four laptop computers purchased in the summer of 2006  and one computer for non-internet children’s use.
VII. Staff training plan
        A. Provide opportunity for library staff to attend technology workshops/training each year.
        B. Encourage staff to update skills as new technology becomes available.
VIII. Intent to use FCC
       Library plans to use FCC E-rate discounts for the two phone lines.
IX. Plan Evaluation
The success of the plan will be judged on the ability of the library to meet the objectives and time lines set forth.  The plan will be reassessed each year to evaluate progress and modify objectives if necessary.